Steel palisade fencing is an increasingly popular choice as a result of it's strength and security features. Alone, it provides a medium level of security, however when combined with added razor or barbed wire, it can be an even stronger crime deterrent.

Steel palisade is commonly used by local authorities, large companies, car parks and vehicle storage facilities and stadiums. We galvanise and powder coat the steel to ensure a long-lasting and durable lifetime, and we can provide the fencing in a range of colours.

'D' or 'W' Profile

Palisade is available in either a 'D' or a 'W' profile, with 'W' sections typically being more popular for higher security purposes, and 'D' sections more suited to the likes of schools.  

The engineered strength of the individual steel pale profile makes the fencing resistant to attempts to ram, bend, pry or dismantle; whilst the smooth surface, narrow interpale spacing and sharp crest prevents climbing, grabbing or gaining footholes from even the most ambitious intruders. 

As a one-stop shop, we can supply and fit additional toppings such as razor or barbed wire, along with electric gates and intercom for tightened security across your perimeter. 



1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 3m and 3.6m heights are available.

Paling tops

Paling tops can be single, or triple pointed, square tops, round & notched tops, or rounded only. 

Paling thickness

  • ‘W’ profile 2.0mm – commercial specification.

  • ‘W’ profile 2.5mm – general purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12.

  • ‘W’ profile 3.0mm – security purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12.

  • ‘D’ profile 3.0mm – general purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12.

  • ‘D’ profile 3.5mm – security purpose

  • ‘D’ profile 3.9mm – security purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12

Paling thickness

Available in 3 standard sizes according to height and site requirements:
45×45, 50×50, and 65x50mm.

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