SR2 LPS 1175:

ISSUE 2 Cert

The SR2 High Security mesh fencing is the next step up in security fencing from the SR1-358 Prison mesh, and has been approved by the LPCB.


Suitable for government and military establishments, stadiums, utility suppliers and other high-security applications. The SR2 system uses a double layer of the '358 mesh', combined with small apertures to eliminate finger or foot holds, and stops the possibility of objects being passed through for even the most determined intruders.  

The system carries certification to Loss Prevention Standards 1175 Security Ratings (SR2) to withstand conventional hand and power tool attacks. 

As a one-stop shop, we can supply and fit additional toppings such as razor or barbed wire, along with electric gates and intercom for tightened security across your perimeter. 


• Anti-climb & anti-cut system
• High security fixings
• Good visual deterrent
• Optional anti-climb toppings
• RHS post fully captures rail for security
• No visible post to rail fixings
• Exceeds BS 1722 pt 12
• Single and double leaf gates available
• Copes with sloping ground up to 20° without additional posts or cut panels
• Can be bolted down
• Rigorously tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
• Can be powder coated in a huge range of colours
• Galvanized and powder coated to British Standards

Download our spec sheet for full sizes.


Standard gates are available or tailored-made to suit your requirements. All gates are supplied with rear hung adjustable hinges, pad-lockable drop-bolts, multi-holed to suit site conditions complete with anti-climb protection and can be automated with fully integrated intercom systems.

Hot dipped, galvanised post.

Stainless steel security bolts

Double layer mesh

Extra durability achieved through steel flanged post.





Download our spec sheet